Music to Die for!

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    ...Mixed with the blood of a she-monster ...It's two-time 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Award Nominee ...CHARACULA!

Monsters, Sex, and Rock n' Roll

Soul sucking, tarantula munching she-demon does the erotically charged ‘Mummy Dance’

Defying explanation and categorisation, Characula is a horror rock goddess with a flair for avante garde camp and over-the-top shows. Currently living in the underworld known as Southern California, she is neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror  and all glamour, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold and hear!

When not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula builds a well-deserved reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-ghouls, scouring the streets for B-movie rejects and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of midnight macabre stars. The ultimate fan!

The video for her new song ‘Mummy Dance’ is a startling, strange but true introduction to the character, showing the ghoulish temptress in full flow:

A progenitor of  sizzling sci-fi seduction, Characula is the alter-ego of a singer-songwriter looking to turn the rock-horror character into a Halloween mainstay - an edgy, memorable reflection of her own spiralling imagination.

It’s a truly unique musical project, with ‘Mummy Dance’ and a host of other larger-than-life songs our first glimpse into the unknown – a fever dream the likes of which we’ve not seen before!